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Managing Facebook accounts on Publer

What Facebook accounts are supported in Publer?

You can connect your Facebook Pages, Store Location Pages, Groups and Facebook Profiles on Publer.

In order to add a Page on Publer, you need to have the role of an Admin or an Editor.

What posts can we share on Facebook through Publer?

You can only publish automatically on Facebook Pages and Store Location Pages. For Groups and Personal Profiles, the scheduling process is semi automated, through push-notifications. This is due to Meta's recent updates, limiting access to the API for Facebook Groups and Personal Profiles.

The supported post types are:

Status updates
Single photo posts
Multi-photo posts (no limit on the photos per post)

Facebook Multi-Photo Posts


Facebook Link Posts

Organic Carousels (up to 10 slides)
Single video posts

Facebook Reels

Stories (single-photo or single-video)

Facebook Stories


Read about all the post limitations for Facebook here.

What are the main Facebook features in Publer?

Facebook Carousel posts can be created within Publer, to help you reach more people on Facebook in a visually-compelling way.

Facebook carousel

Posting stories directly to your Facebook Page through Publer. Stories can be a single photo or a single video that does not exceed 60 seconds. Learn more about that here.
You can also schedule photos to an existing Facebook album though Publer. You can learn about it here.

Facebook albums

Tagging/mentioning other Facebook Pages with certain limitations.
You can add follow-up comments to your posts and even manage your comments of published posts from within Publer.

Keep in mind, you can only manage your comments for Facebook Pages.

The Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, which will increase your click-through rate and overall engagement of your links.

Call-To-Action for Facebook posts


Can I connect a Personal Facebook account?

Yes, you can connect a Personal account on Publer, although the process is semi-automated due to API limitations from Facebook. You can also connect Facebook Groups, Pages & Location Pages.

Can I post Facebook stories through Publer?

Yes, Facebook stories are supported and you can post them directly to your Facebook Pages through Publer. Learn more here. You also have the option to post them through push-notifications.

Can I add polls and questionnaires on Facebook Pages through Publer?

No, you won't be able to add polls and questionnaires on Facebook Pages through Publer due to API limitations from Facebook. You can stay updated here regarding this feature.

Can I change who I am Posting as for Facebook Groups?

No, you cannot change who you're posting as for Facebook Groups through Publer. We don't have access to their API, so this option is no longer available.

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Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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