Mentioning other pages is sometimes necessary for a brand, because of the copyright attributions or different types of collaborations.

This is why on Publer you can easily mention pages. All you need to do is type @ followed by the name.

Remember: Due to API limitations, this feature only works for Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Pages (type @ followed by the vanity name) and Instagram accounts (add the IG handle, @accountname, in the description of the post).
To mention a social account for Facebook and Twitter:

Go to Create on top of the dashboard.
Select a social account on the left.

If you select only one of the accounts (Facebook or Twitter):

Start writing a caption and the moment you hit @, we will show you suggestions while you type letters.
You can then select one of the suggestions.

If you select both of the accounts (Facebook and Twitter):

You will be given a small alert table saying that Mentions are channel specific, and you can't mention the same pages/accounts for both Facebook and Twitter.
Click on the customize icon on the bottom left corner of the post and proceed with the mentioning.

To tag a LinkedIn Page:

Go to Create and select LinkedIn.
Type @ followed by the vanity name which is (the part after /company/) in the URL of the page.

For example:

Publer’s LinkedIn Page is:

Publer’s vanity name would be: publer-io (the part after /company/)

You could mention Publer's account on LinkedIn by typing @publer-io in the composer.

Keep in mind that the vanity name needs to be 100% correct, otherwise you won’t get a suggestion back. To find the vanity name, simply visit the LinkedIn page and look at the part after /company/. If you’re mentioning a Page you manage and see a bunch of numbers after /company/, simply click on “View as member” first.

To tag an Instagram account:

Go to Create and select Instagram.
Add the IG handle (@accountname) in the description of the post.
The account will be tagged once the post is published.

Make sure that the Instagram handle (@accountname) is 100% correct, or the tag will not work.

You can also tag an Instagram account on the photo.
Simply hover over the photo and click on the tag icon on the bottom right corner.
Learn more about how you can do that here.

In order for you to mention someone/some page on Publer, you have to select the social account first. There are different suggestions per respective accounts. When the posts are published, you will see that the Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts you mentioned will show up properly as if you used Facebook's or Twitter's interface.
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