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How to schedule Facebook Reels

With Publer, you can directly schedule and post Reels to all your Facebook Pages.

Publer cannot generate Reels, so we recommend you generate them before uploading them to Publer.

To schedule Facebook Reels on Publer:

Go to the Create page or the Calendar to create your post.
Select Facebook, and then select Reel.

Note: Publer will automatically detect the video type based on the aspect ratio and the video's technical requirements (duration and size). For example, a vertical video with a 9:16 ratio will be automatically detected as a Reel.

Scheduling Facebook Reels

Add all the other elements to your post, such as text, hashtags, watermarks, etc.

Scheduling Facebook Reels

Once it is ready, simply Schedule the post accordingly.
Finally, you can see the post at Posts > Scheduled or Calendar > Scheduled.

Scheduling Facebook Reels

If you are also interested in scheduling Instagram Reels, go here.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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