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How to manage comments of published posts from within Publer

Engaging with your social media supporters is crucial to up-keeping an online presence. You can now directly engage with them within Publer.

Keep in mind, this feature is only supported for Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups (when posting as a Page), Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
If you want to manage posts that were not published with Publer, make sure to Sync Posts first.

To engage with the comment section from within Publer:

Go to Posts > Posted or Calendar > Posted.
Filter based on the specific social account.
Click on the comment icon underneath the post.

You can view, add, delete, or reply to comments.

Click on Reply and then Save to share your reply on the social network.

You can also delete or add other comments anytime.

Keep in mind:

For Mastodon, you cannot delete others' comments, you can only delete your comments.
For the other social networks, it is possible to delete others' comments.
You need to have the Admin role to be able to manage comments.

Learn more about all the ways you can manage your posts from within Publer.

Updated on: 09/10/2023

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