For the moment are supported only Instagram Professional accounts that have been connected to a Facebook Page. To convert your Instagram account to a Business one, click here. To connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account, click here.

Add your Instagram account to Publer

Go to Accounts on top of the dashboard, click the + icon and select Instagram.

Accept the required Facebook / Instagram permissions

Select the Instagram account that you want to add

All you need to do now is create a Publer → Instagram Zap for this account on Zapier.

Create a Publer → Instagram Zap for this account on Zapier

Use the following template to connect Publer with Instagram via Zapier.
Once you're logged in on Zapier, please Go to Advanced Mode.

If your Instagram account does not show up in the dropdown, please try the following solutions.

First, select Publish Instagram photo in Publer.

Customize post by selecting the Instagram account you just added to Publer.

Click on Test trigger.

Zapier will show a sample of a Post created in Publer. Simply click Continue.

You will be redirected to the second section: Publish photo in Instagram for Business.

Make sure the setup looks like the following picture and click Continue.

Check to see whether the correct Instagram for Business account was selected and hit Continue.

Even though it says Instagram for Business account, this is actually your Facebook profile that manages the actual Instagram account(s). You will be able to select the Instagram account in the next step.

Select the Instagram account and make sure that the rest of the fields look exactly as the following.

If your Instagram account does not show up in the dropdown, please try the following solutions.

Click on Continue and on this step, please SKIP TEST.

Click on Done Editing and Turn On the Zap.

Go back to Publer, confirm the Zap connection and start scheduling your Instagram posts.

Keep in mind:

Your scheduled Instagram single-photo posts in Publer will be published automatically by Zapier. You can also add a location, schedule a first / follow-up comment, view insights and Publer will make sure that Instagram won't mess with the line breaks in your captions.
You need to do the above for every Instagram Business account that you manage.
The free version of Zapier allows you to have up to 5 Zaps and up 100 tasks every month. Think of 5 Instagram accounts and 100 Posts total every month. If you need it for more, you will have to upgrade to one of their paid plans.
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