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How to connect Instagram accounts

If you have Instagram Business Account (not Creator/Personal), that is connected to a Facebook page (of which you are an Admin with your Facebook profile), then you can connect Instagram to Publer.

Note: For the moment only Instagram Business accounts that have been connected to a Facebook Page are supported. Convert your Instagram account to a Business one and connect it to a Facebook Page here. Alternatively, you can connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account by going here.

To connect an Instagram Business account to Publer:

Go to Accounts, click on Connect.
Select Instagram and click on Continue

Sign in to the corresponding Facebook account, with which you are an Admin on the Page that is connected to this Instagram account.
Click on Edit Settings and select the Instagram accounts you want to add to Publer.

Make sure to check all the Instagram Business accounts and click on Next.

Make sure to check all the Facebook Pages that you want to use on Publer and click Next.
Finally, click Done.
Connect all the Instagram accounts you want to use and finally click on Continue.

Warning: If you are not able to see the Instagram account after following the steps as outlined above, please take a look at the article here to try and add the account.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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