Make sure you do not have any warnings or pending verifications from Facebook. You can check that at your Facebook Business Manager account.

Try the following:

Go to Accounts and click the + icon.

Then, select Facebook Page.

In the following screen make sure to select Edit Settings instead of Continue.

In the next screen make sure to select ALL the Facebook Pages you want Publer to have access to.

Click Next and finish the authorization workflow.

If the above still doesn't work, try the following:

Go to Facebook Settings and search for / click on "".
In the popup, make sure that you've given Publer access to ALL the required permissions for ALL the Facebook Pages that you want to use Publer for.

Once you do that, try adding the other Page one more time.

If still no luck, try the last resource:

Go to Facebook Settings one more time and search for / click on "".
In the popup, scroll down and click on "Remove" as shown below (this will simply disconnect Publer from Facebook).

Once you do that, try adding the missing Facebook Page one more time.
Don't forget to reconnect the existing Facebook Pages, Groups, and Instagram accounts.

Keep in mind:

Unselecting a Facebook Page from any of the above solutions will make Publer lose access to it.
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