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How to connect Facebook Personal Profiles

Facebook Personal Profiles

Facebook Personal Profiles have been around for as long as social media has existed. However, ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Meta decided to remove the public API access for Facebook Profiles.

Since then, users have been relying on push-notifications to post to Facebook Personal Profiles, and that is now possible with Publer! You will first have to connect your Profile to Publer, and after that, you will need to download the Publer Mobile app so you can share your posts to your Profile via push-notifications.

Connecting Facebook Personal Profiles

To connect the Facebook Profile in Publer:

Go to Publer.
Navigate to the Social Accounts tab, from the navigation bar in the left.
Scroll down to Facebook, and click on Connect.
Select the Facebook Personal Profile from the list.

Connecting Facebook Personal Profiles

You will be redirected to Facebook, where you need to accept all permissions.
Once you have accepted the necessary permissions, you will come back to Publer, where you will see your Personal Profile show up.
To finalize this process, click on Connect, and you will receive a success notification.

Connecting Facebook Personal Profiles

Now that you have connected your Facebook Personal Profile to Publer, you can freely schedule your posts via push-notifications. For that, you will need to have downloaded the Publer Mobile app. Learn more about this on our article here.

Keep in mind:

You can add as many Facebook Personal Profiles as you want, however, you will have to make sure that you are logged in to the corresponding Profile, whenever you need to reauthorize it.
Except for organic Facebook carousel posts, you can schedule and post any other post type that is supported for Facebook.
You cannot add a custom thumbnail to your post, add follow-up comments, or add other options that are only available in the Publer dashboard.

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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