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How to schedule organic Facebook carousels

Organic Facebook carousels can be created within Publer at no extra cost to help you reach even more people on Facebook in a visually-compelling way.

Keep in mind:

Carousel posts will only work for Facebook Pages. If you select a Facebook Group too, it will share only the first link on the Group.
You can create up to 10 carousels in one post, and they will be shared as an organic carousel post, at no extra cost.

To create a carousel post:

Go to Create and select a Facebook account on the left.
Copy and paste the link you want to share on the composer.
When you paste the link, a link-post will be created, and right under it, you will see the buttons Re-attach the same link and Attach another link.

You can choose to change the thumbnail of the post.
Use the arrows to choose from the automatically generated thumbnails.
Or, use the camera icon at the bottom-right, to upload a different thumbnail.

If you click on Re-attach the same link the same link will be re-added, with the second image becoming the thumbnail.
If you click on Attach another link, you will be given the chance to add a different link.
Paste the other link that you wish to share and click on Attach.

You can also Minimize links, or click on them to Maximize them. Moreover, you can Click to drag the links to change their positions.
Now that the links are all added, you can click on one to make changes by editing the Title or the Description.

Lastly, Preview your carousel post to make sure it is ready to be posted, and schedule accordingly.

Learn more about all the scheduling methods that you can use with carousel posts.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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