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How to add follow-up comments to my posts

Regardless of the effort you put into making a perfect post for your social networks, there is always something missing. Everyone wants to look at a clean caption, so this is where Publer’s superpower comes: Follow-up comments.

This tool is used to write follow-up comments with hashtags, links, captions, add emojis, or media which can appear with a delay, for all social accounts supported by Publer, apart from Google and Pinterest whose APIs don't support it.

You can prepare some bulk content with just a few clicks, by allowing the built-in Spintax Generator provide new content based on the keywords that you provide.

To add a follow-up comment:

Go to Create.
Select the desired social accounts.
Select the follow-up comment icon.

If you want to add follow-up comments to all the selected accounts, you have to specify it one-by-one.

You can choose to Add a delay to specify the time when the comment should be posted.
Each comment can have anything from text, to links, to hashtags, to media.

To continue adding another comment, click the small + icon below the comment: Add another comment.

Once you have finished creating the follow-up comments and your comment section is ready, simply click on Save and proceed with scheduling the post accordingly.

Keep in mind:

Follow-up comments are available for Twitter accounts on Publer, but will be posted as different tweets instead of comments, creating a Twitter thread.
Pinterest's and Google My Business' API don’t support comments.

Updated on: 06/12/2022

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