You can add Facebook Pages and Location Pages to Publer without being requested to previously add the personal pages you manage them with.

Facebook Pages

Regardless of the profile type you have on Facebook (personal or business), you can add Pages to Publer in a couple of simple clicks. Keep in mind the user should have an Admin or Editor Role on that page.

To add a Facebook Page on Publer:

Go to Accounts on top of the dashboard and select the + icon.

Select Facebook Page.
Write the credentials of the Facebook account.
Choose to Continue as ‘Your Name’.

If you have previously linked your Facebook account to Publer, then click Edit Settings and select the Page you want to add.

Finally, make sure to select the new Facebook Page you added.

Location Pages

There are many brands that have offices in different locations and it is suggested that they should all have individual pages on Facebook. This is what Location Pages are for. This way businesses can organize their Facebook presence better.

Location Pages are managed by the same Facebook Page but operate differently according to the inserted timezone, directions, etc. Think of Starbucks which has thousands of locations. Facebook Posts in one location (i.e. in the US) may not be relevant to the other locations (i.e. in Europe).

To add a Location Page on Facebook:

Go to Accounts on top of the dashboard and select the + icon.
Select Facebook Location.

It depends on which Facebook account you are currently logged in, so Publer will ask you to continue with the signing in and then provide the options to choose from (all the location pages you are managing on your Facebook profile).

Finally, select the desired one and make sure to mark it.

If you have previously signed in on Publer with the same Facebook account, you can just select Edit Settings and choose the Location Page right from that pop-up window.

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