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How to post to Facebook Personal Profiles (via push notifications)

Facebook Personal Profiles

Facebook Personal Profiles have been around for as long as social media has existed. However, ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Meta decided to remove the public API access for Facebook Profiles.

Since then, users have been relying on push-notifications to post to Facebook Personal Profiles, and that is now possible with Publer! You will first have to connect your Profile to Publer, and after that, you will need to download the Publer Mobile app so you can share your posts to your Profile via push-notifications.

Posting to Facebook Personal Profiles

1. To post to your Facebook Profile, after you have connected the Facebook Personal Profile to Publer, and have installed the Publer Mobile app

Go to Publer.
Select the Facebook Profile you want to share the post to.
Then, design your post to your liking and schedule the post.

Posting to Facebook Profiles

This means you will have finalized the first part of the scheduling process with the semi-automated system. Once the time comes, you will receive a push-notification/reminder from the Publer mobile app, letting you know that your post is ready.

In order for this step to work, you need to make sure that you have turned on all your notifications from Publer. Learn more about that here.

2. To finalize and publish the post:

Click on the notification sent by the Publer mobile app.
This will lead you to the post, where you can see the preview.
Make sure you have installed the Facebook app in your mobile before hand and then, click on Open in Facebook.
You will be redirected to the Facebook Profile app, where you will be able to create the post.

To start creating the post, click on the plus button + at the top right corner and select Post:

Add the media Publer has downloaded to your phone's gallery.
Tap on Edit to add elements such as text, audio, effect, stickers on the post and tap on Next.
Paste the caption Publer has copied in your clipboard.
Make any last changes, and tap on Post.

Posting to Facebook Profiles

Note: Publer will download and save the media in your phone's gallery and copy the caption of the post in your clipboard, so you can easily create the post. Once you are redirected to Facebook, start creating the post, add the media, paste the caption, and proceed with sharing the post.

Keep in mind:

Publer won't be able to gather insights, or sync posts, given the lack of an official API. However, you will always be able to find all the posts you share to your Facebook Profile under the Posts > Posted tab.
You cannot add a custom thumbnail to your post, add follow-up comments, or use other post options, such as Locations, Auto-Delete, or Auto-Share, that are only available in the Publer dashboard.
Except for organic Facebook carousel posts, you can schedule and post any other post type that is supported for Facebook.
When posting using the Owner's API credentials, the owner is the one who will receive the push notification on their phone.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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