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How to connect a Facebook Page to an Instagram Account

As you know, in order to be able to post to Instagram accounts through 3rd party apps, such as Publer, you need to have a Creator or Business Account that is connected to a Facebook Page of which you are an Admin.

To connect your Facebook Page to Instagram:

Go to your Facebook Page on Facebook.
On the left hand side, under Manage Page, click on Settings.
On Page Settings click on Linked Accounts.
Choose Instagram from the options on the left and then click on the Connect account button.

Follow the steps to connect the Instagram account to the Facebook page.
Once you are done, you will be able to see your Instagram Creator/Business contact information.

That means that you have successfully connected your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page and you can now connect it to Publer.

What if I need to "Review Connection" between Instagram and Facebook:

This happens sometimes because Meta might not recognize the connection.
In that case, even though the accounts are connected, you will get "Review Connection/Alert" error.
To resolve that, go to Page Settings > Linked Accounts > Instagram and click on "Review Connection/Alert"

Follow the steps here for more guidance on how to Review Connection between accounts.

Learn more about how you can now connect this Instagram account to Publer by following the steps here

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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