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What are Publer’s Plans and Pricing?

Publer offers a range of plans tailored to suit different social media management needs. Whether you're an individual, a growing business, or a social media team, there's a plan that fits your requirements.

With the paid plans (Professional and Business) on Publer, you can have unlimited Workspaces and as many social accounts as you need. The number of your social accounts is not related to your Workspaces.

You can have unlimited Workspaces, at no extra cost, while the number of social accounts will depend on you. You can increase or decrease the number of your social accounts at any time, directly from the Settings > Billing page on Publer.

A social account is a single social profile, such as a Facebook Page. If you want to use 5 Facebook pages, 2 LinkedIn Pages, and 3 Instagram accounts, then you would need a total of 10 social account spots. Keep in mind, every 10th social account (or member) is free!

What are Publer’s Plans?

The Free Plan

The Free version of Publer allows you to connect and schedule posts for up to 3 Social Accounts, limited to one Twitter account, can be added. Due to the Twitter Enterprise API cost, you can only connect one Twitter account in the free version. Each social account is counted as one.

1 workspace
1 free Twitter account
10 pending scheduled posts per account: Once a scheduled post is published or deleted, you can schedule another one for that social account.
25 saved drafts: Once a saved draft is deleted or used, you can save another one.
24 hours posts history: In the free version, we will store the published posts on our servers for only 24 hours.
Link in Bio for Instagram: Share multiple links through a single URL in your Instagram bio.
Free trials on paid features: Try almost all the paid features for free without having to enter your credit card information.

Learn more about it here.

The Professional Plan

Publer Professional is our most popular plan. It supports all social networks, has eternal post history, and allows you to schedule unlimited posts. It comes with a 7-day free trial.

Some of the most popular features are:

Twitter integration
Unlimited workspaces
Unlimited scheduling & drafts
Unlimited Media Library storage
Bulk scheduling
Eternal posts history
Get content reccomendations.
Unlimited RSS Feed automations
Unbranded Link in Bio for Instagram

Learn more about it here.

The Business Plan

This plan supports all the features included in Publer:

All the features that are included in the Professional plan.
Unlimited AI Assist prompts
Analytics reports
Best times to post
Hashtag suggestions
Automatically recycle posts
Design professional videos with the VistaCreate integration.

Learn more about it here.

How does the Pricing work?

The Free Plan is free and you can use it forever. This plan allows you to connect and schedule posts for up to 3 social accounts from any of the supported social accounts

The Professional Plan starts with $12.00 per month for 3 social accounts and 0 additional members. The rates for an extra social account or member are $4 and $2 per month respectively.

The Business Plan on Publer starts at $21.00 per month for 3 social accounts and 0 additional members. For each extra social account or member, you will be charged an extra $7 or $3 per month respectively.

By adjusting the number of social accounts, the pricing will be dynamically updated to reflect the changes:

You can see the price in real time on our Plans & Pricing page here.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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