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How to cancel my subscription

To cancel your subscription:

Click on your Profile dropdown and select Settings

Settings of account

Then, go to Billing.

Cancel subscription

You can cancel there anytime by clicking on Cancel Subscription.
Moreover, you can also Pause your subscription so that you keep all your posts, insights, accounts, etc, and come back whenever you want.
You will continue to use the paid version until the end of the subscription / trial date, unless you request a refund.

When you cancel your subscription you will have 24 hours to resubscribe, so that you won't lose any data on the account. When you resubscribe you will be charged for the full amount, however we will make sure to refund you for the overlap.

After clicking on Cancel Subscription, the system will ask you for your password.
If you happen to log in with Google or other means and not with an email or password, simply go here to Reset your Password.
Then, you can use that password to cancel.

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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