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What is included in Publer Free?

Due to the Twitter Enterprise API cost, you can only connect one Twitter account in the free version.

To comply with Pinterest's automation policies, you can only connect accounts with at least 100 followers or a claimed website while on a free version.

The Free version of Publer allows you to connect and schedule posts for up to 3 Social Accounts from any of the supported social accounts.

Moreover, you can only have up to 10 scheduled posts at once for each social account. Once a scheduled post is published, you can proceed with scheduling another one, as long as you don't exceed 10 scheduled posts in queue.

The limitations on the Free plan are:

Only 3 social accounts, limited to one Twitter account, can be added. Each social account is counted as one. For example, 2 Facebook Pages and 1 Facebook Group would count as 3 accounts.
All paid features can be tried for free a couple of times. To view the remaining trials for the paid features go to Settings > Billing.
You can have up to 10 Scheduled posts at once per social account (30 in total). Once a scheduled post is published, you can schedule more.
You can have up up to 25 saved Drafts.
There is a 24-hour post history, meaning that after 24 hours the Published posts will be deleted from Publer.

There’s no expiration date for the Free version. You can use it forever.

The features in the Free Plan are:

Schedule all supported post types for all social accounts that Publer supports except for Twitter.
Connect and manage one Twitter account.
Customize your post based on the social network you're posting to.
Edit photos with the built-in photo editor.
Design illustrations with the Canva Button -- an integration within Publer.
Create a Link in Bio page for each one of your Instagram accounts.
Upload photos from external URLs, Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Unsplash.
View your scheduled posts in list or in the Posts Calendar View.
Preview how your post will look like on each social network.
Automatically schedule posts based on a predefined posting schedule.
Create shortcodes for any data that you use too often like: hashtags, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
Automatically shorten your links with Bitly or other services and add UTM tags.
Organize your social accounts into Groups for a smoother workflow.
Add a delay between posts when posting to multiple social accounts simultaneously.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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