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Can I downgrade or upgrade my subscription at anytime?

Yes, you can change the frequency, downgrade, or upgrade to your liking at any time at no extra cost -- you will not be over or under charged, rather the calculations will be tailored around your subscription.

Moreover, you can start paying for a month, and then choose to switch to a year, so you can change the payment frequency at anytime.

To update your subscription:

Click on your Profile dropdown and then click Upgrade Plan page.

Upgrade Plan

Make the necessary changes (i.e. increase the number of additional accounts/users, or pay annually).

Finally, continue with the checkout process.

Warning: When downgrading from a paid plan to the free plan you will have until the end of the subscription before free plan restrictions take place.

Learn more about each of our Plans here.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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