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How to recycle posts

What are Recycling posts?

Publer provides a great feature, which allows you to recycle the posts you create. This means you can repost or share content on social media that has been previously posted, often with the goal of reaching a broader audience, boosting engagement, or repurposing valuable information.

Have you recently created a new event or shared a sale on social media for your services/products? Great! Now all you need to do is share these posts over and over to let everybody know about this news. Instead of doing that manually and losing time, you can simply Recycle these posts.

To Recycle a post:

First you need to create a post and a posting schedule. Click here to learn how to set up a new timeslot for your posts.
Afterwards, go to Create on top of the dashboard.
Select the social account/s icon on the left and start designing your post.
After finishing with the post creation, click on the dropdown arrow and select Recycle.

Select the label, which has the time slot you have created and decide how many times this post is going to be shared.

For example:

You want to share a story for Pandas 1 times per week (Wednesday) at 8 AM. Create a time slot named i.e story’.

Start creating a post with the photo attached and follow this route:

Go to Create.
Click the social account’s icon you have created a time slot for and want to share this photo.
Design your post and attach the photo.
Click Recycle from the dropdown menu.
Select the label named story’.
Choose Recycle every 2 week.
Select Wednesday.

When Publer successfully recycles a post, you will find the "new" post:

Under Posts > Recycling and it will have the three arrows recycle icon.

To edit the settings of the Recycling post or Pause/Resume the recycling, click on the Settings dropdown menu and you will see the additional options.
You can also set a Start Date or automatic expiration conditions and have recycling automatically expire after a certain date or recycling cycle. To set or change the start date or the expiration options, click on the Settings dropdown menu and then Edit.

You can also delete the recycling post, which will delete all future occurrences of this post. Learn more about it here.

Learn more about how you can find and manage your recycling posts here.

Keep in mind:

You will be able to see the recycled post on the calendar, the day after. Publer will take each recycled post at 12 at midnight, check the first available time-slot, and then add it to the calendar. Learn more about it here.
Each social account has their own posting schedule, with the defined time-slots. You can also set up a posting schedule using the Best Times to Post, provide by Publer's Analytics.
If there are other scheduled posts, you need to choose between postponing them or just skipping that time/date.
You can use the Recycling feature even when you are creating many posts at the same time, by selecting the respective time-slots for each social account.
You cannot recycle posts for YouTube, TikTok and WordPress due to limitations of their API and the way these accounts are designed.
You can recycle posts for Twitter, Pinterest and Google Business Profiles as long as you create 10+ variations per post using the Spintax Generator tool. Learn more about that here.


What if there are more recyclable posts than timeslots?

Let's say Publer is recycling the following posts:

- one that was last posted on May 31st
- one that has never been posted
- one that was last posted on May 15th

Publer will pick them in the order they were last posted (in ascending order). For example, Publer will pick first the post that hasn't been posted yet. Second, the post that was last posted on May 15th and third the one that was posted on May 31st. This way no post is recycled more than the others.

Recycling vs recurring posts

While they're a little similar, recurring posts are useful when you need to post something at the exact time repeatedly (i.e. weekly sale events). On the other hand, recyclable posts are being recycled based on a posting schedule and may not even be recycled at all.

Post callbacks

Follow-up comments, auto shares and auto deletions will be copied over on each recycle. You can for example recycle something every 4 weeks and have it automatically be deleted after 4 weeks, thus keeping your feed clean.

Recycling in bulk

You can recycle posts in bulk. You can even have one post be scheduled at a specific time, one other post be automatically scheduled by Publer, and another post be recycled, all at once. Learn more about scheduling in bulk.


Recycling posts feature is available with The Business Plan but you can try it for free a couple of times with some limitations.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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