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How to use Hashtag Suggestions on Publer

To use hashtag suggestions in Publer:

Firstly, you need to be on the Create page where you can see the #Hashtags button.

The #Hashtags button is also found on the ALT text field, the follow-up comments and it can be used wherever the #Hashtags button is.

Once you are there you can click the #Hashtags button and search by typing.

The insights for these hashtags are only provided by Twitter as the other social accounts do not provide such insights.

Text/caption (It will simply scan the text of the post).

Single or multi-photos (It will scan the image(s)).

GIF (It will scan the image (moving image)).

Video (It will scan the thumbnail of the video).

Links (It will scan the thumbnail plus the description and title of the link).

Publer will scan the content of the post, as mentioned above, and will generate relevant and trending hashtags.

If you want to generate even more relevant hashtags, feel free to use the Publer AI Assist.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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