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What is Publer's Link in Bio feature?

What is the Link in Bio feature?

The Link in Bio is a marketing tool and strategy to convert your Instagram photos into clickable and trackable by using one unique link on the bio, and never having to change it again! Besides adding links to all the media you prepare and edit from Publer, you can add your website and 15 other important URLs to help cross-promote your content, grow other accounts, and keep everything organized on mobile-friendly landing page.

Instagram does not allow users to add links to their posts, so Instagram users rely on the 'bio' to add links. With Publer's Link in Bio feature, one link will redirect your audience to your personalized webpage, which will consist of the clickable Instagram feed and the external links of your choice. Learn more about that here.

Draw attention to specific websites and links.
Increase traffic and engagement rate on different social networks.
Reach your business goals with less effort.

Introducing Link in Bio:

The Link in Bio landing page will be a clickable replication of your Instagram feed.
Each post, published or scheduled, will have a specific link of your choice.

Link in Bio landing page

Each Instagram account on Publer can have a unique username for the Link in Bio website.
It will include up to 15 external links (website, social accounts, blogs, etc.) that will be above the clickable posts.
All Publer plans support the Instagram Link in Bio feature.
For the Free plans, it will show Powered by Publer banner, allow only one schedule per post, and have no analytics.
For the paid plans, it will not show a banner, allow unlimited schedules per post, and have advanced analytics.

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Learn more about the Link in Bio feature here or at the video below.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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