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How to pay with a Purchase Order or a Wire Transfer

When paying annually and via PayPro Global, you will be able to choose other options besides Credit Card and PayPal, i.e. Purchase Order and Wire Transfer or other local options such as iDeal in Netherlands.

If you are a new customer, then you need to follow the steps below in this article and skip the free trial.
If you're a returning customer, there’s no need to follow any extra steps -- you can choose Purchase Order or Wire Transfer directly.

If your payment is routed through Paddle and not PayPro Global, please contact us.

How you can pay using a purchase order or wire transfer:

Firstly you need to navigate to Settings > Billing .
Then, click on Upgrade Plan.

If you want to use Purchase Order or Wire Transfer as your payment method, you can only do so when you pay annually with PayPro and skip the trial period.

Next step is for you to click on Upgrade Plan.
Click the Auto-renewal option and select Skip Trial Period.

Now you will see the dropdown menu will all the available payment methods:

Select the payment method you desire and insert the required information to complete the process.

When you choose Purchase Order or Wire Transfer, you will receive an email to complete the payment.

Updated on: 29/04/2023

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