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What is the Publer AI Assist?

What is the Publer AI Assist?

Publer's AI Assist is powered by GPT-4 and is used for social media management and content creation. With AI algorithms, you can quickly generate high-quality content for social media and blog posts.

The AI Assist will be automatically activated once you subscribe for the Business Plan, or after you connect your OpenAI account. To use the AI Assist features, follow the steps below.

Publer AI assist features:

Generating text
Rephrasing text
Text Completion
AI-Generated Images
Blog Posts: AI Assist can generate blocks for WordPress-powered sites, rephrase paragraphs, and write entire SEO-optimized articles.
Multiple Languages: Publer's AI Assist allows you to create social media posts in multiple languages.

How to use AI Assist

Go to the Create tab.
Select the social media platform you want to post on.
Click on the AI Assist button at the bottom of the post editor.

Select Complete/Generate the text.
Write the prompt.

The AI Assist tool will generate several variations of the text you wrote, which you can choose from.

Finally, schedule the post accordingly.

Where to use AI Assist?

The Create tab (Complete the text / Generate new text)
Follow up comments (Comment with AI / Generate new text)
Signatures (Complete the text / Generate new text)

Keep in mind:

This feature is only supported on the Business Plan.
If you have an Open AI subscription, you can connect your own Open AI key on the Free and Professional plan. Learn more about it here.
By default the limit for the returned characters is around 1,300 characters (except for WordPress).

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Updated on: 20/10/2023

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