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How to schedule in bulk

With Publer, you can bulk schedule up to 500 posts at the same time. Plus, there are 6 different ways available to schedule in bulk.

Add Post
Bulk Upload
CSV File
Media Library
RSS Feed

Let's explore each of the bulk scheduling options in detail:

1. Add Post

Selecting the "Add Post" option will create a new blank post, giving you the freedom to customized it differently from the previous one.

Add Post

2. Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload allows you to select and upload up to 500 photos, videos, and GIFs, each will be a separate post. The photos will be added to each post in alphabetical order, no matter how you select them. You can modify each of the posts individually (whether you're choosing to remove or add more media to some of them, tag different locations, add different text, etc.)

Bulk Upload

3. CSV File

You can create up to 500 posts with the CSV file. Publer will provide a downloadable template that contains a guide on how to use it. The CSV file can contain links, media, text only, etc. according to your preferences.

After creating the CSV file and populating it with all your desired posts you are ready to upload and use it.

CSV File

4. Media Library

With just a few clicks, you can bulk schedule from the Media Library. You will be given 2 options to use the selected media: Single Post or Multiple Posts. For scheduling in bulk, pick the media you wish to upload and opt for Multiple Posts. Keep in mind that, you can't mix different media types (i.e. photos, videos, and GIFs) in one single post.

Media Library

5. RSS Feed

You can schedule articles and blog posts in bulk by using RSS Feeds. Simply choose the feed you wish to use, select all the blog posts you want to share by clicking on the boxes at the top right corner of each article. After selecting, click on Share Selected and you'll be directed to the Create page where each article will be a separate post.

RSS Feed

6. Content

Create your specific query with keyword and filters. Choose all the blog posts you want to share by selecting the articles, click 'Use Articles', make changes on 'Create' page and schedule accordingly.

Content Recommendation

Shuffling your posts

Note: You can add different text, media, hashtags, locations, or functionality options to each of the posts you're creating at the same time. Moreover, you can shuffle all the posts you're creating.

Bulk Upload

Keep in mind that:

Twitter doesn't allow you to post more than 4 photos at a time.
Google My Business, and Pinterest only support single-photo posts.
Only Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter support GIFs via Publer.
You cannot mix different media types (i.e. photos and GIFs) in one post.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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