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Managing Twitter accounts on Publer

What Twitter accounts are supported in Publer?

All Twitter accounts are supported in Publer.

What posts can we share on Twitter through Publer?

Supported post types:

Status updates
Links (which always count as 23 characters, no matter the length)

Single and multi-photo posts (up to 4 photos)

Read about all the post limitations for Twitter here.

What are the main Twitter features in Publer?

You can schedule Twitter threads with up to 25 tweets in one thread and never think about limiting your content again.

You can even preview the threads, which makes it easier for you to see what the tweets will look like in real time. You can choose the Mobile or Desktop preview.

Hashtag suggestions, which can help you find up-to-date trending hashtags. The insights for these hashtags are provided directly by Twitter.

Scheduling retweets through Publer and previewing them in real time.
Tagging/mentioning other Twitter accounts, which helps with the post engagement and interaction.
You can add follow-up comments to your posts and even manage the comments of the published posts from within Publer.


Are Twitter accounts supported on the Free plan?

Yes, Twitter is supported on the Free plan, limited to one (1) account.

Can I create recurring posts for Twitter?

Recurring or duplicate content is not allowed by Twitter. However, you can create recurring posts if you use spintax generated text. Learn more about recurring posts here.

Can I create and schedule Twitter threads with Publer?

Yes, you create and schedule up to 25 Twitter threads.

Are signatures supported for Twitter?

No, signatures are not supported due to Twitter's strict automation policy.

Can I schedule retweets through Publer?

Yes, you can schedule retweets through Publer. Learn more about it here.

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Updated on: 05/10/2023

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