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How can I connect more than one Twitter account to Publer

There are multiple businesses out there that have more than one Twitter account. Adding them to Publer is easy, but there are some tricks you should know about when it comes to connecting different Twitter accounts on Publer.

If you own more than one Twitter account and manage them all together, you should know that:

You need to be logged in on the corresponding Twitter account outside of Publer (on the Twitter App) beforehand.
For example, if you own two accounts on Twitter named Publer and Nation and you want to add Nation then, simply go to Twitter, switch to the account named Nation.
Then go back to Publer and add that Twitter account specifically.
Repeat the same thing if you want to add the other account named Publer.

To add a Twitter account to Publer:

Go to Social Accounts, click on Connect, and select Twitter.

Make sure to sign-in on the corresponding Twitter account and give Publer permission.

Finally, select the Twitter account that shows up when you are redirected to Publer.

Click here to see how you can manage different Twitter accounts.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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