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How can I connect more than one Twitter account to Publer

If you're unable to see the other account you want to connect with Publer, despite being logged into X, the issue is due to the recent Twitter/X domain change. You're currently logged in on X, but their API still uses the Twitter domain.

In that case, take a look at the instructions below to see what you can do.


Open an incognito window and access Publer from there.
Once you've logged into Publer in an incognito window, you can now connect another Twitter account.

Note: Since you're in incognito mode, you'll need to log in to both Publer and Twitter from scratch.

To add a Twitter account to Publer:

Go to the Social Accounts tab, locate Twitter/X, and click on +Connect.

Select Twitter/X.

Then, make sure to sign in to the corresponding Twitter/X account and give Publer permission.

Finally, select the Twitter/X account that appears when you're redirected to Publer.

Learn more about how you can manage different Twitter accounts here.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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