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How to schedule Twitter threads

To create and schedule Twitter Threads with Publer:

Go to Create page and select Twitter on the left side of your screen.
Start composing a new tweet.

You can add up to 4 photos, format the text as bold or italic, and generate hashtag suggestions, or even add media files. Moreover, you can prepare some bulk content with just a few clicks, by allowing the built-in Spintax Generator provide new content based on the keywords that you provide.

Tap on the Make a thread icon.

Enable: Make a thread
Decide whether you want to delay the first follow-up tweet, by enabling: Add a delay.
Choose how long you want to delay it for.

To continue your thread, click the small + icon below the tweet: Add another tweet.

The second follow-up tweet can be scheduled based on the previous tweet if Add a delay is also enabled.
To add media, simply click on Click to upload media and choose the media you want to add.

Once you have finished creating the follow-up comments and your thread is ready, simply click on Save and proceed with scheduling the post accordingly.


You can create up to 25 tweets per thread.
Each follow-up tweet is customizable text formatting tools, emojis, hashtag suggestions, and media files.
Each follow-up tweet will have a 280 character limit. Publer will notify you by highlighting the text that's surpassed the limit.
Each follow-up tweet will get shared based on the previous tweet. For example, you can't schedule the third tweet of a thread to be posted before the second one.

Updated on: 18/06/2023

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