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How to schedule Twitter threads

To create and schedule Twitter Threads with Publer:

Go to Create page and select Twitter on the left.
Start composing a new tweet.

You can add up to 4 photos, format the text as bold or italic, and generate hashtag suggestions, or even add media files. Moreover, you can prepare some bulk content with just a few clicks, by allowing the built-in Spintax Generator provide new content based on the keywords that you provide.

Tap on the follow-up comment icon.

Enable: Add follow-up comments
Decide whether you want to delay the first follow-up tweet, by enabling: Add a delay.
Choose how long you want to delay it for.

To continue your thread, click the small + icon below the comment: Add another comment.

If you enable: Add a delay then you can decide when the second follow-up tweet will be posted, based on the previous tweet.
To add media, simply click on Click to upload media and choose the media you want to add.

Once you have finished creating the follow-up comments and your thread is ready, simply click on Save and proceed with scheduling the post accordingly.


You can create up to 15 tweets per thread.
Each follow-up tweet is customizable text formatting tools, emojis, hashtag suggestions, and media files.
Each follow-up tweet will have a 280 character limit. Publer will notify you by highlighting the text that's surpassed the limit.
Each follow-up tweet will get shared based on the previous tweet. For example, you can't schedule the third tweet of a thread to be posted before the second one.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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