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Why can't I select more than one WordPress site or Twitter account?

When sharing to WordPress sites or to Twitter accounts you can only share to one at a time, due to technical limitations.

For WordPress sites:

You cannot select anything but one WordPress site at a time.
That is because each WordPress site has a different layout, settings, and so on, so it cannot be mixed with other social accounts.
For that reason, it also cannot be mixed with other WordPress sites, given that each one site is unique.

For Twitter accounts:

You can post to many different social accounts at once and at a Twitter account.
However, you cannot select more than 1 Twitter account.
That is because, you would be sharing the same post to Twitter.
Twitter's Automation Rules does not allow posting a similar or the same post more than once (whether in the same or different Twitter accounts) as they flag it as spam.
Therefore, you have to make sure that each Twitter post is unique. That's why selecting two Twitter accounts is not possible.

However, you can always use the Spintax Generator to create different variations of one tweet, so that you can use it for other accounts too.
Learn more about Twitter automation rules and the use of multiple accounts here.

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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