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How to schedule recurring posts

What is a Recurring post?

Ever wondered what to do when you want to share the same post, but you don’t have enough time to do that manually? Simply create a Recurring post and specify its frequency to your liking.

A recurring post is a social media post that is repeated on a specific platform. These can be scheduled posts, set to reoccur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. They might also just be one-time repetitions.

To create a recurring post:

Go to the Create tab.
Select the social accounts and design the post to your liking.
Choose the Recurring mode, after clicking on the dropdown arrow.

Specify the recurring frequency of the post, i.e. every X many Days, Weeks, Months, Years.
If you choose to repeat weekly, you can also specify on which specific day you want the post to recur.
Select a start and an end date for the recurring range for the post.
Select the time when you want the post to recur.
Finally, click Schedule.

You will be able to edit the Settings of the post under Posts > Recurring. Learn more about it here.
For the recurring iterations, you can go to Posts > Scheduled to find them.

Once the recurring post expires, you will be able to restart it again.

Keep in mind:

If you want a post to recur more often than once a week, then it needs to have at least 10 other posts in between. Learn more about the anti-spam efforts here.
With the help of our built-in Spintax tool you can create recurring posts for Twitter too.
You cannot recur posts for YouTube, TikTok and WordPress due to limitations of their API and the way these accounts are designed.
However, you can recur posts for Twitter, Pinterest and Google Business Profiles as long as you create 10+ variations per post using the Spintax Generator tool. Learn more about that here.

Learn more on how to edit, reuse, delete, or change the settings of a recurring post here.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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