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Managing Wordpress sites in Publer

What WordPress accounts are supported in Publer?

You can add both a Self-Hosted WordPress site and a site that is Hosted on WordPress.
When adding the Self-Hosted WordPress site there are two scenarios: the site’s version is higher than 5.6 and the site’s version is lower than 5.6.

What posts can we share on WordPress through Publer?

Supported types:

WordPress articles



Read more about all the post limitations here.

What are the main Wordpress features in Publer?

The articles that can be created through Publer can have a lot of elements, such as the article title, embedded video from YouTube, and any text or heading.
You can add a List, Table, Delimiter, Media, Raw HTML, Quote, or Generate text with AI at any point.
An excerpt (meta description) and add a thumbnail for the article.
The categories and tags can be specified.
You can also use functionalities such as follow-up comments, auto-sharing, and auto-deleting.

WordPress Article

Learn more about how to create and schedule posts to WordPress here.


Why can't I select more than one WordPress site?

Due to technical limitations, you can only share on one WordPress site at a time. It also cannot be mixed with other social accounts. Learn more about that here.

Is it possible to schedule a post on WordPress and have it automatically shared on my other social media accounts?

Absolutely! You have the option to Auto-Share your WordPress posts to other social media platforms directly while creating them within Publer. You can read more here.

What credentials should be added for troubleshooting?

The website URL, the password generated from application passwords, and the username of the specific user or the email they use to log in to the account.

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Updated on: 29/09/2023

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