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How to Auto-Delete posts

There are many brands which share different posts about 24-hour sales and events or influencers who share products from diverse brands, but then want to delete these posts. It is very tiring to go all over the social accounts you posted these offers/events/sales and delete them one by one manually.

You can use the Auto-Delete tool on Publer:

While creating a new post.
On a previously scheduled post.

Warning: You cannot Auto-Delete posts for Instagram Accounts or Facebook Groups due to API limitations on their end.

To Auto-Delete a post while you are creating it:

Go to Create.
Select the social account on the left of the dashboard.
Create your post and select Auto-Delete.

Auto delete

Choose the amount of time for the deletion of your post.

Auto delete

You can also choose to Hide it instead.

To Auto-Delete an already scheduled post:

Go to Posts > Scheduled.
Find the specific post you want to Auto-Delete.
Click on the Auto-Delete icon on the post.

Auto delet

Finally, specify the Auto-Delete settings.


On both cases (while/after scheduling), you can choose the desired option, so a specific time to delete the post.
If you are scheduling (or have scheduled) posts for more than 1 social account at the same time (regardless if the posts are the same or customized), the Auto-Delete option will work the same for all of them.
It's not possible to Auto-Delete certain post types, such as Facebook and Instagram stories, Threads posts, or other posts that are published via push notifications.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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