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How to connect to my self-hosted WordPress site that is a higher version than 5.6

Connecting to a self-hosted WordPress site can only be done by an Admin user of the site. If you are not an Admin, please ask them to do it for you.
If you are connecting to a site that is hosted on WordPress, then please follow the guide here.

To connect to your self-hosted WordPress site with a version of higher than 5.6:

Go to your WordPress site.

Check what version your site is. If it is a version higher than 5.6, continue the steps below. If not, follow this guide here.
Go to Users > Profile.

On that page, scroll down to Application Passwords.
Under New Application Password Name, where it says WordPress App on My Phone add the name for your site (i.e. Publer).
Then, click on Add New Application Password.

This will generate a pop-up window that will provide a Password. Make sure to save that password in a safe place.

Then click on Plus Button and scroll to WordPress > Connect.

Click on Self-Hosted.

Self Hosted WordPress

Add your WordPress site URL address, the email connected to the account so what you use to Log in, and the password you saved from earlier, and click on Add.

If you are facing any errors, please make sure that you:

Copied and then pasted the password correctly.
You are using the email connected to your user profile on WordPress.
Check that your WordPress site is a version higher than 5.6.
Then, check under Plugins to make sure that you do NOT have the Application Passwords Plugin installed. If so, simply delete it and proceed with the steps again.

If you are still facing an error when trying to connect to WordPress:

Keep in mind, that this connection needs access to WordPress Rest API.
If you have any WordPress security software that has disabled the WordPress Rest API, it will block the Publer connection.
Also, take a look at this article on why you can't add your WordPress site here.

Now that you have successfully added your WordPress account, learn how you can create and schedule your first post to WordPress.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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