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How to preview draft posts in my Instagram Feed Preview

Now you have the ability to visually plan your Instagram Feed in the feed preview while your posts are still in "draft" mode. Simply add a date and time to your draft post and it will appear in your Instagram Feed Preview.

To see your draft posts in the Instagram Feed Preview:

Create a draft post and set a date and time for it.
Once you've created the draft post, navigate to the Calendar section.
Select an Instagram account and click on the Feed view button.

Your draft post is now visible in the Feed Preview.
You also have the ability to Edit, Schedule, and Reschedule your posts directly from the Feed Preview.

Keep in mind:

The Media Library comes with a paid plan, unlike the Instagram Feed Preview.
You have to set a date and time for your draft post so it can show up in your Instagram Feed Preview.

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Updated on: 20/09/2023

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