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How to create draft posts

Drafts are an amazing feature that can help you organize your posts better. They don't expire; they can be linked to any of the social accounts; found through labels that you have assigned to them; and they can be converted to posts with one click.

To create a Draft post:

Go to Create or Calendar.
Create a new post to your liking.
Click on Draft.

Specify the settings for this Draft.
You can choose from the time slots available (if there are any) or Manually select the time.

Once you have specified the time, click on Save.
You can also choose to toggle off Set a date & time, and simply click on Save right away.

Both of these drafts will show up under Posts > Drafts, and the one with the date & time will show up on the Calendar too.

You can filter your drafts to view those that are dated, those that are undated, or all of them.

You can easily Edit, Schedule the draft post with a specified date & time and Set a date for the other one, or Delete them.

Keep in mind:

Labels can be assigned to a draft post to easily locate drafts.
Drafts will also show up on the Calendar View and Instagram Feed Preview if they have a specified date and time. You can use these as "notes" which can contain drafted marketing outlines, reminders about special days, or simple notes.
You can Auto-Draft posts within the Feed Preview as shown here.

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Updated on: 24/10/2023

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