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How to change who I am Posting as for Facebook Groups and WordPress accounts

How you can change your Posting as for Facebook and WordPress.

To change the setting of Posting as you need to navigate to Accounts > WordPress or Facebook > Settings > Posting as:

You can click on the dropdown menu and change the Posting as setting:

After choosing the one you like you can view it there and also on the Create tab:

Posting As here is different from Posting as Owner/Themselves. Post as Owner or Post as Themselves does NOT mean that the owner’s or user’s name will show up on the social media channels – that is not possible. On social accounts, you always post as the account itself -- except for Facebook and WordPress.
On Facebook Groups, there can be several Admins and in WordPress accounts, there can also be several writers. The Posting as will show which person you are posting as on that Facebook Group or WordPress site.

Updated on: 29/06/2023

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