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How to synchronize all posts within Publer

You can now have all of your social media posts in one place, regardless of whether or not they were published with Publer.

Publer will only sync past posts that are from no more than a month ago. If you want to sync posts from more than a month ago, simply contact us and we will do that manually for you.

To synchronise posts:

Go to Social Accounts and choose an account you want to Sync Posts for.
Go to Settings.
Click on Sync Posts Now.

Sync Posts

Finally, decide if you want to Automatically Sync Posts, Sync posts published by non-admins and Add media from synced posts to Media Library.

Be default, posts will be automatically synced. If you want to remove the content added by auto-sync, contact us.

Keep in mind that:

Some posts, such as Question posts in Facebook Groups, posts from LinkedIn Personal Profiles, carousel posts from Pinterest, Reels from Instagram, etc, are not supported due to API limitations from the social networks, thus they can't be synchronized within Publer.
Synchronizing posts will be a background job that happens automatically twice a day and manually whenever you click on Sync Posts Now.
Synchronizing posts is only supported with Professional and Business plans.
You can also synchronize posts with the Free plan, but only for a specific Instagram account and if you have already set up your Link in Bio landing page.

Now that you have synchronized posts, you can add them to your Link in Bio landing page, or manage them to your liking.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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