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How to create and schedule posts to WordPress

Scheduling a WordPress article within Publer will help you save time and create countless articles from one place.

To create and schedule a WordPress post:

Go to Create and select WordPress.
Start designing your post to your liking.

One way to go about creating the post is to:

Add a title to the WordPress post.
On the left hand-side you will see a + button, that when hovered over will show you options of what you can add. You can also activate the + with the Tab key.
Add the intro text or a heading to start creating your post. You can edit the text, convert it to a Heading/List/Quote, make it Bold, Italic, add a Link, add an InlineCode, Underline it, Mark it or Rephrase the text with AI.
After selecting the text, on the right, you can click on the four dots to change the Heading, move the section up/down or delete it.

Adding a Heading to your WordPress post

Additionally, you can add a List, Table, Delimiter, Media, Code, Raw HTML, Quote or Generate text with AI at any point.

Adding an Inline Code and a Code block

Delimiters are helpful when you want to create space between sections to separate them.
Continue with the rest of your article, adding more elements to your post, such as a List and a Quote.

Adding Lists and Quotes to your WordPress post

Create a unique Excerpt and add a Thumbnail for the post.
Choose the Categories and Tags for this post.

Adding Categories and Tags to your WordPress post

You can also use functionalities such as follow-up comments, auto-sharing, and auto-deleting.

Auto-share WordPress posts

Make the last changes to the post and schedule it accordingly.

Learn more about how to create WordPress posts and auto-share them to other social channels directly.

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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