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How to add a delay between accounts

Posting the same post to multiple places at the same time may trigger Facebook's spam detectors and might even hurt your edge rank. To protect yourself, you now have the option to add a delay between posts when scheduling or posting simultaneously to multiple Accounts. By default this option is turned off, but you can turn it on simply by checking it and providing a value.

How does adding a delay work

Let's suppose you're scheduling a Photo Album (the same Album) for 5 of your Pages. You decide to enable a delay of 10 minutes between posts and you schedule your Album for Monday at 5:00 PM. For the first Page that you had selected, your Album will be scheduled for 5:00 PM (the precise time you selected). For the second Page, your Album will be scheduled for 5:10 PM (note the delay). For the third Page, 5:20 PM. For the fourth Page 5:30 PM and so on.

To add a Delay between accounts:

Click Create and select more than 1 social accounts on the left.
Start creating your post and select Delay, the hourglass icon.

add delay

Choose the desired time you want the following posts to be delayed and click Save.
Finally, schedule your posts and the delay will be applied automatically.


The Delay will work only when Scheduling and Recurring posts. (Not with AutoSchedule and Recycling)
The Delay tool will only be available to use if you have selected more than 1 account or a Group of accounts.
This tool works for all the social accounts that Publer currently supports.

Updated on: 18/04/2023

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