The Canva integration has been available for some time now, however, we now have made it possible for you to use Canva right from within Publer.

Creating designs with the Canva button will only save them on the Media Library, not on your Canva account. Learn more here.

To use the Canva integration from within Publer:

Go to the Create tab.
Click on Click or Drag and Drop media.
Choose Canva.

Select the social media post format of your choice.

Create your Canva design.
Click on Add to Publer on the top left corner.

Finish designing your post on Publer and schedule away.

To use your previous Canva designs:

Go to Canva following the steps above.
Click on More and then Folders.

Click on All your designs.

Use your designs to your liking, Add to Publer, and then schedule away.

Learn how to use Canva outside of Publer here.
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