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How to set up the Link in Bio landing page

Introducing Publer's newest superpower, the Instagram Link in Bio landing page.

To set up your personalized Link in Bio landing page:

Go to Social Accounts and choose your Instagram account.

Setting up your Link in Bio Page

Click on Link in Bio.

Setting up your Link in Bio Page

1. Specifying a Username.

The Username will be used to create and identify your Link in Bio URL, i.e. "BrownBeans", which you will add to your Instagram profile.
The Username can be anything but it has to be unique for each Link in Bio landing page you are creating -- limited to 1 Link in Bio page per Instagram account.

Before the other fields become accessible, you must first specify a username for the Link in Bio.

2. Adding a CTA Button.

Optionally, you can create a CTA button that redirects visitors to the URL of your Website.
You can edit the text-content of the Website Button to say anything you like, i.e. "Grab a virtual coffee with us!".
Moreover, you can choose to leave it blank and the default "Visit Website" text will be used.

3. Show a tooltip that guides visitors to click on a photo.

The tooltip will remain on the top of all photos on the Link in Bio Page.
It can say anything, i.e. "Click on a post to learn more".
Clicking on a post will redirect them to the specific URL that the post is connected to.
Moreover, you can choose to leave the Tap on a tooltip field blank, so that it doesn't show up on your Link in Bio page.

Click on Add Link and customize it by adding an Icon, Name, and URL for each external link.
You can edit the links, rearrange them, or delete them.
You can click on the three dots under More to edit/delete.

Creating external links

Now, go to the Link in Bio landing page to see the final result.

Your Link in Bio Page with Publer

Add the Link in Bio page URL to your Instagram Bio to increase traffic and engagement.
To do that, go to your Instagram Page > Edit Profile and paste the link in the Website field.

You have now successfully set up your Instagram Link in Bio landing page. Go here to learn how to add photos to the landing page and here to learn how to add external links to it.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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