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How to create & use shortcodes

Let's say that once in a while you share on social media your business contact info or a link to your website in order to attract new customers. Having to type your info each time is annoying, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. For that, we have shortcodes.

You can use shortcodes with the built-in Spintax Generator to create variations of bulk content, such as groups of hashtags etc.


You can create up to 100 Shortcodes per social account.
Each Shortcode is account specific but you can use it for other accounts if you Duplicate Settings.

To create Shortcodes:

Go to Social Accounts and select an account.
Select Shortcodes.

Click New Shortcode.
Add a Shortcode title, which you can easily identify when you are creating a post, i.e Website, PhoneNumber, Email, etc.
Add the value, for example, 003551234, [email protected], etc.
Click Save.

To use Shortcode you just created:

Go to Create.
Select the Social Account you created a Shortcode for.
Edit your post accordingly and add the Shortcode by typing ‘{{shortcode_title_}}’.
You will be seeing all suggestions you can choose from.


You can see how the Shortcode will look once it's posted, if you click the Preview icon.

Shortcodes preview

Learn more about shortcodes here.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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