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How to group social accounts

On Publer, you can create groups of accounts, thus creating mini-workspaces. Instead of posting to accounts one by one you can post to a group of them.

Keep in mind that you cannot group multiple Twitter or Pinterest accounts together due to their strict automation rules. For Twitter, you can learn more here and for Pinterest here.

To group social accounts:

Go to Social Accounts and click on By Groups dropdown filter.

Alternatively, go to Create, click on the dropdown arrow on the top of accounts's list on the left, and select Group Accounts.

Then, click Create a new Group.
Enter the group's name and select the accounts you want to add in the group.
You can also set a posting delay between accounts.

Now go back to Create, click on the drop-down arrow over accounts, and select Publer Group you just created to start creating your post for those channels.
You will be able to start designing a post that will be shared to the accounts under the group "Publer Group".

Tip: You can assign a specific group of accounts to a member, instead of assigning them one by one.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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