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Managing LinkedIn accounts on Publer

What LinkedIn accounts are supported in Publer?

You can connect your LinkedIn Profile and Page to Publer if:

You have credential access to the LinkedIn Profile.
You are a Super Admin or an Admin on the LinkedIn Pages.

What posts can we share on LinkedIn through Publer?

Supported post types:

Status updates
Single photo posts
Multi-photo posts (up to 9 photos)

Multi-photo posts for LinkedIn


GIF posts for LinkedIn

PDF Carousels (up to 100 slides)

Read about all the post limitations for LinkedIn here.

What are the main LinkedIn features in Publer?

LinkedIn carousels/PDF files, which you can create and post directly through Publer. You can also preview them in real time with the Live Preview feature.

LinkedIn carousels/PDF files

You can add watermarks for your LinkedIn photos and videos.

Watermarking your LinkedIn photos

Tagging/mentioning other LinkedIn accounts with certain limitations.
You can add follow-up comments to your posts and even manage your comments of published posts from within Publer.
Adding signatures to your posts. Keep in mind to check the character limits beforehand.

Adding a signature to your LinkedIn posts


Are LinkedIn carousels supported on Publer?

Yes, you can upload your photos and documents (PDF, PPT, DOC) directly to Publer and then post them as a PDF carousel on LinkedIn. You can share up to 100 photos for each PDF Carousel, directly from the Publer web and mobile app.

Can I create Polls or Articles for LinkedIn?

No, the current LinkedIn API does not support Polls or LinkedIn Articles. Learn more about it here.

Why are the analytics for LinkedIn profiles limited?

For LinkedIn profiles we are limited on the analytics we show, due to API limitations from LinkedIn. Learn more here.

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Updated on: 18/09/2023

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