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How to create and post LinkedIn PDF files

You can connect both your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Page to Publer and directly post PDF carousels.

Note: You can uploads photos, documents, and presentations to Publer. They will be split to photos and afterwards you can share them as a PDF carousel.

To create a carousel/PDF post for LinkedIn:

Firstly, select the LinkedIn account you want to use.
Upload your desired photos accordingly.

You can upload up to 100 photos at most for a carousel post. They cannot be mixed with GIFs or Videos as it's not supported by LinkedIn's API.

You can also upload several PDF, Word or PowerPoint files and the system will automatically split them into photos for the carousel/PDF post.

Toggle on Post photos as a PDF document.

Photos will be automatically converted into a PDF file and posted to LinkedIn as a document/carousel. Rely on the Preview functionality for visualization.

Posting photos as a PDF document

You need to add a descriptive title to your document, otherwise it won't be shared as a PDF/carousel post.

Adding a title to the PDF document

To see how it will look you can check the preview on the right side. If you are using a smaller window page you can click the preview button.

Post Preview

Finally, schedule your LinkedIn carousels/PDFs accordingly.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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