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Managing Mastodon accounts in Publer

What Mastodon accounts are supported in Publer?

All Mastodon accounts, from all servers are supported in Publer. To connect Mastodon, follow the steps here.

What posts can we share on Mastodon through Publer?

Supported post types:

Status updates
Links (which always count as 23 characters, no matter the length)

Single and multi-photo posts (up to 4 photos)



Read about all the post limitations for Mastodon here.

What are the main Mastodon features in Publer?

You can schedule Mastodon threads with up to 25 replies in one thread.

Scheduling Mastodon Threads

You can even preview the threads, which makes it easier for you to see what the post will look like in real time.

Previewing Mastodon Threads

You can easily schedule/boost yours and others' posts using Publer, which you can preview in real time.

Mastodon Boosts

You can add a spoiler/warning to your post. To preview the rest of your post, click on Show more.

Note: Keep in mind, when adding a spoiler, you won't be able to preview links. You have to leave the spoiler field empty in order to preview links.

Spoiler or Warning

You can specify the language of your post, by looking or searching through the list.

Note: The default language is based on the posting language for your Mastodon account (found under Preferences > Other in Mastodon). Make sure you sync info to update the default language.

Mastodon Post Language

Tagging/mentioning other Mastodon accounts, which helps with the post engagement and interaction.
You can add follow-up comments to your posts and even manage your comments of published posts from within Publer.


Can I create and schedule Mastodon threads with Publer?

Yes, you create and schedule up to 25 Mastodon replies in one thread.

Can I schedule or boost mine and others' posts through Publer?

Yes, you can schedule and boost yours and others' posts using Publer. Learn more about it here.

Why does Publer show up when I share a post to Mastodon?

Due to requirements from Mastodon, the post has to be attributed to the respective app it was posted through. In such case, it will show Publer, and it will be a clickable link, for new accounts. Otherwise, you can remove and re-add your account to update that.

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Updated on: 01/11/2023

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