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How to connect Mastodon in Publer

To connect Mastodon in Publer:

Select Social Accounts on the left of the dashboard and then click the Connect button for Mastodon.
Select Mastodon and click on the Mastodon icon.

Connecting Mastodon

Enter the Mastodon server and confirm that you have read the server's rules/policy.

Connecting Mastodon

Warning: Some Mastodon servers have a unique set of rules and policy that must be followed. Make sure to read them thoroughly before you start posting, to avoid any issues with your account. Learn more about that here.

You will be required to Authorize Publer to access your account.

If you are logged out of your Mastodon account, you will be asked for the email and password. In case you want a different Mastodon account from the one you are currently logged in on your browser with, please switch accounts on your Mastodon profile first. Publer will be able to get information based on the account you are currently logged in with on your browser.

Finally, make sure you Connect the account after you add it on Publer:

Connecting Mastodon

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Updated on: 12/10/2023

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