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What are Publer's Workspaces?

What are Workspaces?

Publer Workspaces allows your team to sort and organize each brand, business, or client you’re working on into separate digital environments. With just a few clicks, you can switch between different projects, each with its own social accounts, members, media, and content.

Think of the workspace as a group, business, or department where you and your coworkers manage different social accounts, create new posts, and analyze insights for all the social accounts of that group. You can create unlimited workspaces with the Professional and Business plan. By default, you automatically own one Workspace on Publer, and depending on your plan, you have the option to invite others to join your workspace or create more. Plus, you are also able to join other workspaces.

With the paid plans (Professional and Business) on Publer, you can have unlimited Workspaces and as many social accounts as you need. The number of your social accounts is not related to your Workspaces and you can increase or decrease this number at any time, directly from the Settings > Billing page on Publer.

A social account is a single social profile, such as a Facebook Page. If you want to use 5 Facebook pages, 2 LinkedIn Pages, and 3 Instagram accounts, then you would need a total of 10 social account spots. Keep in mind, every 10th social account (or member) is free!

To manage your workspace on Publer:

Navigate to the dropdown button located in the top right corner, adjacent to your profile.
Select the workspace you wish to use.
Start using that workspace by adding social accounts to it, inviting members, etc.
You also have the option to create a brand new workspace by clicking on Create new workspace.

Here are the multiple ways to optimize your workspace using these features on Publer:

Add new team members or remove them.
Assign new roles to each of your members.
Assign Social Accounts.
Specify the posting access of each member.
Switch between workspaces, if you have multiple ones.

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Remember: For every 9 members or social accounts on a Workspace, the 10th one is FREE!

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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