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What are the post approval access levels?

Specifying each member’s privileges creates a healthy workflow, and one of the best ways to manage your workflow on Publer is through the help of the posting access levels.

The three different post approval access levels or permissions are:

Should be approved by Admin/Owner: When an Editor's posts need to be approved by the Admin/Owner.
Should be approved by Client: When an Editor's or Admin's posts need to be approved by the Client.
Full Posting Access: When an Admin can create posts and does not need any approval from the Client.

You can specify the post approval workflow for each member.

For Editors:

If you want the Admin/Owner to approve the Editor's posts before they go out, choose "Should be approved by Admin/Owner".
Otherwise, choose "Should not be approved by Admin/Owner", and the Editor's posts will always be scheduled without approval of the Admin or Owner.

Keep in mind, if a Client has "Should approve posts" access for a specific social account, then the Client will need to approve the Editors' posts before they go out for that social accounts. This is separate from the Admin or Owner approval.

When an Editor has "Should be approved by Admin/Owner" as a permission and there is also "Should be approved by Client" access for those social accounts, then the scheduling process for the Editor would look like this:

Editor's posts require approval from Admin and Client

For Admins:

An Admin will either have "Full Posting Access" or "Should be approved by Client". If the Client for that specific social account has "Should approve posts" access, then the Admin's posts will need to first be approved by the Client.
On the other hand, if the Client for that social account has "Should not approve posts" access, then the Admin will have "Full Posting Access", so the posts will go directly to the scheduling queue.

When there is "Should be approved by Client" access for those social accounts, then the scheduling process for the Admin would look like this:

Admin's posts require Client Approval

For Clients:

A Client can either have "Should approve posts" or "Should not approve posts" access.
If you want a Client to approve the Admins' or Editors' posts for specific social accounts, then you should give them "Should Approve Posts" permission. Otherwise, you should give them "Should not approve posts" permission.

Keep in mind, if you are the Owner looking for post approvals, only a Client member who has the 'Should approve posts' permissions on a social account can approve your posts.

When there is "Should be approved by Client" access for those social accounts, then the post approval process for the Client would look like this:

Client's post approval process

When a member is scheduling a post that needs approval or is editing an approved post:

The post goes to Posts > Scheduled > Pending Approval
The Admin/Owner or the Client (where applicable) will receive a notification/email.
They can approve or not approve it if changes are needed. That way, the member can take a look at it again.
The member can send the post for re-approval and when it is approved it will then go to the scheduling queue.
If the post has not been approved before the scheduled date, the post will be marked as failed and go to Posts > Failed.

To specify the posting access levels for a member:

On the specific Publer Workspace, go to Members on the left side panel.

Manage your team's workflow

On the specific member, click on the Edit social accounts:

Change the posting access for each social account assigned to them.
Finally, make the changes and click on Save.

Specify Posting Access for Members

Learn more about roles and permission levels here to understand what each of your team members can do.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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