In order for your business to have a smooth workflow and good management, it is highly suggested to specify each member’s role and posting access.


Members will only have access to the social accounts they have been assigned.
They will still see Drafts from all members of the team.
You should make sure to select Use before starting to work on a Team.
Only the Owner can change a member’s role (Admin or Editor).

To assign social accounts to different members:

Go to the dropdown button on the top right corner, next to your profile.

Manage your team's workflow

Choose Manage Teams and select the specific team.
Click on the member’s icon or click on the edit icon.

Manage your current team

Select Assign Social Accounts and decide which one you want to assign to them.

Assigning social accounts

If they’re Admins:

You can’t decide their posting access, because they have Full Posting Access by default.
You can only decide how they will be posting: As Owner or As Themselves.

If they’re Editors:

You can decide their posting access: Full Posting Access or Approval Needed.
You can specify how they will be posting: As Owner or As Themselves.

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