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How to create a workspace

If you are currently managing more than one client, then you can create multiple workspaces. This way you can keep track of the workflow and everything will be organised.

To create a new workspace:

Go to the dropdown button on the top right corner, next to your profile.
Click on Create new workspace:

Create Workspace

Follow the steps as directed:
Insert your new workspace name, industry and click continue:

Create Workspace

Next step is to add accounts for the workspace (optional - you can skip adding any account) and click continue:

Create Workspace

After creating a Workspace on Publer, you can:

Switch between different Workspaces.
Add new team members.
Assign roles to each of the team members.
Assign social accounts to different team members.

Manage your Workspaces

Learn more about teams here.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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