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How to delete workspaces

No longer working for a client? You can easily remove the Workspace you have created on Publer.


Only the Owner of the Workspace can delete it.
If you delete a Workspace, the scheduled/draft posts, accounts, members, and other data of that team will be deleted too.

To delete a Workspace on Publer:

Go to the dropdown button on the top right corner, next to your profile.
Choose the workspace you want to delete:

Manage Workspace on Publer

Click on the icon beside the workspace name on the left side panel:

Manage Workspace on Publer

Finally, click Delete to remove the workspace:

Keep in mind, if it's a workspace that you were invited to, you will only have the option to Leave that workspace.

Deleting a Workspace

Learn more about workspaces in Publer here.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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