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General Permission Levels Article

The post approval workflow on Publer will be decided by the permissions and privileges that you choose to give to each of your members. Learn about each of the permissions below and find more detailed info for each here:

Posting access levels
Owner's or the member's API credentials
Post approval workflow

Posting Access levels:

Should be approved by Admin/Owner: When an Editor's posts need to be approved by the Admin/Owner.
Should be approved by Client: When an Editor's or Admin's posts need to be approved by the Client.
Full Posting Access: When an Admin can create posts and does not need any approval from the Client.

Note: The option "Should be approved by Client" doesn't exist. We only refer to the client's "Should approve posts" setting as "Should be approved by Client".

Learn more about the posting access levels here and dive into how it affects the post approval workflow.

Use the owner's or the member's API Credentials:

Owner's API Credentials: Members will be able to post to social networks without any access and when social accounts need reauthentication, they will have to be reauthenticated by the Owner.
Their own API Credentials: Members will need to have access to a social network (i.e. be an Admin of a FB Page), in order to post to it and they can reauthenticate the social accounts on their own, without needing the Owner to do that.

Learn more about the difference between using the owner's or their own API credentials here.

Managing members

Changing the member's role or removing them will affect the workflow.
When removing a member from a Workspace for example, all the approved posts will be assigned to the Owner.

Learn more about managing members here.

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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